Windstar, INC.

Windstar Inc., a closely held S Corporation, was organized in 1978 in Swisher County, Texas. Initial owners were five farmers – Dale Swinburn, Gerald Schulte, Jon Vars, Jim Hill, and Larry Nelson. All are currently owners and directors except Gerald Schulte who died in January 2000. While the company has some outside interests, its primary business is cotton ginning and grain handling. The company either owns outright or has ownership and managing responsibility for the following divisions or entities:

  • Tule Creek Gin – located 2 miles south of Tulia, started it all in 1978
  • Lakeview Gin – located 15 miles east of Nazareth, added in 1980
  • Edcot Gin – located in Edmonson, came aboard in 1987
  • Top of Texas Gin – located 4 miles north of Dawn, built in 2001
  • Adobe Walls Gin – located 10 miles south of Spearman – since 2006
  • Evans Grain of Kress and Hale Center – with receiving points at Kress and Hale Center in Hale County and Tule Creek Gin in Swisher County - in 2013
  • Johnson Gin – located in Silverton, near the edge of the Caprock, in 2015

The company has steadily increased volume of ginning since its inception, which vindicates our philosophy: Value added service with complete customer satisfaction. The company currently has about 41 stockholders. Eighteen farmers hold approximately 89% of the stock and key employees hold about 11%. A board of nine directors, elected annually by the stockholders, governs the company. The company headquarters is located at Edmonson, Texas.